Parrot Feed

Parrot Feed segments are short videos, allowing you to get your fill of 3 Parrots content in bitesize chunks. Each video is usually associated with one of the podcasts, but sometimes we'll just put video content here that we feel like doing at the time. Enjoy!


Parrot Feed 01: Japanese Curses

A short segment on how curses work in Japan, from Dave, the most geographically displaced member of the 3 Parrots team. This episode of Parrot Feed ties to episode 40 (Curses - They're the worsest of the 3 Parrots Podcast

This video features ( 'National Museum Of Ethnology, Osaka - Spirit Figures (Straw Dolls) - Murayama City, Yamagata Pref - Collected In The 1970S.Jpg' by Yanajin33 under a Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons license
( 'Shimenawa around a giant Sugi at the Yuki shrine in Kyoto' by MShades from Kyoto, Japan under a Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons License

All other pictures are either public domain, or were taken by members of the 3 Parrots team.